I saw SHANG-CHI in the Koramangala’s forum mall PVR in Bangalore.

I a word I liked the movie its concept and the creatures shown in it are just wow!

The movie start by introducing our hero Shang-chi who is living in as small not so clear room dreaming about him mother where she was telling him stories about her magical village and how she and his father met each other.

Shaun has a job of valet drivers job and his colleague is his best friend named Katy. …

ECMAScript 6 or as we know it ES6 released in June 2015 and made the JavaScript friendlier than even by adding new features.

  1. Arrow function:
    The arrow function shortens the function syntax.
//JavaScript functionlet myFunction = function() {
return “Welcome to JavaScript World!”;
//Arrow functionlet myArrowFunction =()=> {
return “Welcome to JavaScript World!”;
//Arrow function with argumentslet myArrowFunction =(name)=> {
return `Hello ${name}, welcome to JavaScript World!`;
//Arrow function for single line statement onlylet myArrowFunction =(name)=> `Hello ${name}!`;

In React class components, use the arrow function to avoid function binding with this keyword

  • The purpose of the props is to pass the data, the purpose of the state is to manage the data
  • Props are received from outside- from the parent component, the state is created inside the current component
  • Props data is read-only and can only be passed from parent to child component, the state data can be created & modified within the component itself

Example: https://codesandbox.io/s/brave-neumann-1cxhc?file=/src/A.js

In class component:

//component Bclass B extends Component {render() {return (<>{/* accessing props */}<h3>This is props</h3><p>{this.props.fname} {this.props.lname}</p></>);}}//component Aclass A extends Component {constructor() {super();

As you start exploring react you can see that you have a choice to use either functional or class components:
Support: https://reactjs.org/docs/getting-started.html

Before you start using one particular component you should try using each component and see its plus and minus points.

I tried and below are some points which can help you:

  1. A react function is a plain javascript function but react class component is an extended class component
  2. React function component is a stateless component but react class component is a stateful component
  3. React functions use React hooks whereas react class components use react lifecycle methods
  4. React function…


  • HTML+CSS+JavaScript (basic)
  • Node.js (npm package manager)
  • Code editor


Create-React-App (create react app folder inside parent folder)

  1. Create a folder on your local machine
    Create a repository on your GitHub account
  2. Open the folder/repository in the code editor
  3. Start the terminal on the code editor
    Shortcut: Ctrl+`
  4. Run npm init — — yes
  5. Now you can see the package.json file created in your folder
  6. Run npx create-react-app myappname
    Note: you can change the app name from “myappname” to meet your requirements
  7. Now you can see the react app folder created in your parent folder.
  8. Run cd myappname
    : in place…

Today is the world of entrepreneurs. Just think, how many Ideas have become the viable business model and took off to become the best organizations in the world in their specific domain.

But do you know that only 10% of the business ideas are even being started and hardly 1 to 2% of these ideas survive the business ocean?

Why these ideas never even start to take their seed in the mind of entrepreneurs is mostly because

  • They want financial security for themselves and for their family
  • Too afraid to start something because their idea might fail
  • A similar idea…

We have been always asked about what do we want to become when we grow old and based on all the professions we know at a time, we used to dream to become the coolest one of them all.

As we grow we tend to forget our goal, maybe because the goal making might not have happened from the heart but rather from the perspective of what will society think of the profession I choose….

We then tend to flow with others choices this can be

  • family: your father might want you to become an engineer
  • friend or lover: you…

Reading books is the kind of goal everyone wants to achieve and make it a hobby. How great do you feel when you brag about reading a book to your friends?

But we all know how that goes…

We all have tried reading books and after some chapters, we tend to stop reading books, and then this reading book goal becomes fantasy...

And this fantasy suddenly wakes up sometime near the new year, again we read about some chapters and abandon the goal all over again.


When audiobooks came online, I thought, well, that’s it I needed!

I brought the…

It’s absolutely important to understand how to communicate in the workplace. Sometimes we need to be direct and sometimes we need to twist things a little bit to convey the idea.

It is proved that to achieve career goals, you need to master your communication skills, not only speaking but writing as well.

To master the communication skill you need to know these 10 key points:

  • Persuasion
  • Meetings
  • Boss talk
  • Salami tactic
  • Rhetoric
  • Storytelling
  • Negotiation
  • Feedback
  • Group-thinking
  • The power


While thinking about persuasion skills you need to think “When do people say yes?” or “Can we make them say yes?”

Today, many greats minds are working on AI and its advancement. On the other hand, there are some who think that AI is dangerous for humans and it might just try to wipe out the human species from the face of the earth.

Now before reaching this conclusion let's see what AI is….

AI-Artificial Intelligence

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