Use case: Search component in an application


Must know ES6 features as a JavaScript developer

  1. Arrow function:
    The arrow function shortens the function syntax.
//JavaScript functionlet myFunction = function() {
return “Welcome to JavaScript World!”;
//Arrow functionlet myArrowFunction =()=>…
  • The purpose of the props is to pass the data, the purpose of the state is to manage the data
  • Props are received from outside- from the parent component, the state is created inside the current component
  • Props data is read-only and can only be passed from parent to child…


  • HTML+CSS+JavaScript (basic)
  • Node.js (npm package manager)
  • Code editor

Create-React-App (create react app folder inside parent folder)

  1. Create a folder on your local machine
    Create a repository on your GitHub account
  2. Open the folder/repository in the code editor
  3. Start the terminal on the code editor
    Shortcut: Ctrl+`
  4. Run npm…

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