Become your best friend then blame others for not being one

No one can understand you better than you do!!!

What does it mean by a best friend?

That’s what you were always searching for and ignoring the fact that you don’t make friends by choice it’s the natural process and will happen when it is meant to be.

But you are too busy searching for one perfect person to relay one and when required, to blame on.

You do all this to find one person who can understand you without need to talk and guide you, be a shoulder to cry on when your partner cheats on you, or in any problem if that matters.

Now here is the problem, you are expecting so much from a person who is not even in your life right now but when it comes to giving away something you shrink like plastic in heat.

You don’t even understand the basic fundamentals of the friendship, it is not just takin but all about giving without expecting return value.

Now, let’s get back to the part of being a friend with yourself first.

You are the best person who knows what you want, what you are, and what you don’t want. But life becomes miserable when you expect these things to be known by another person just as well as you do. This is without even letting them know the exact things you actually want.

So first thing, they are not a machine to read minds, second, you are the best chance for you to become what you want, get what you want, understand yourself and do what you like.

If you can do all this by yourself and is the most efficient way, why try to look for others and waste your time?

If you are the person wasting your time crying that you do not have a best friend, no one will want to become your best friend, because guess what, other people are also looking for a worrier friend to save them and understand them.

If you can become your best friend, understand yourself and work towards it, you can achieve whatever you want before you turn the 30s. Yes, it is proven by most successful people today.

How to become a best friend of yours?

  • Try to help yourself by seeing all the problems you have.
  • Try to see where you went wrong by accepting that you are not perfect yet.
  • Try to find the solution by doing some research on the problem using the internet, books, or specialized advice from a person who has gone through the same problem.
  • Try to get analyze and find the best solution.
  • Try to execute the solution with a carefully calculated path.

>>If you succeed, you will be rejuvenated and build self-confidence from it, follow all steps whenever you come across any problem.

>>If you fail, try to learn from it and never give up on yourself and on your dreams. Remember, you build success with the base of experience which comes from failure.

If you are following this to improve yourself and become what you dreamed of becoming one day, you will become the richest person on the earth. The richest person not only by money but from mindset as well.


If you are a worrier, you are the best friends with yourself, your problem, and your dreams. You are the most important person to you and you understand yourself better than anyone alive. If you beat up the loneliness drama and build a strong mindset to live a life with you are already rich and no one can break you from inside or from outside. You are the person who can hurt you by giving up on yourself!!!

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Technical Writer, Software Developer, Blogger, and Career Development Coach…

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Chanchala Gorale

Chanchala Gorale

Technical Writer, Software Developer, Blogger, and Career Development Coach…

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