Beginning of the universe- CG’s Universal Loop Theory

The CG’s universal loop theory is my theory on how the universe could have been initiated.

CG’s Universal Loop Theory

According to my theory, every universe is initiated within a black hole. Although a balanced universe such as ours, with stars and planets, can be achieved only when the black hole becomes a supermassive black hole.

Black holes other than a supermassive one will still be like a super dens spot or filled with gas and dark matter.

That's why a universe appears to be boundaryless because it is in a supermassive black hole.

And since nothing, not even light can escape a black hole due to strong gravity, we can not see outside of our universe nor we could see within the black hole formed inside our universe.

That's why there is chaos when the universe starts because a star either has just collapsed to form a supermassive black hole, multiple blackholes merged with each other to form a single supermassive black hole, or a black hole has consumed so much around it to become one supermassive black hole. As time passes, it starts to gain a balance and that's how the galaxies, stars, and planets start to take shape.

So far all we can know about this sub-universe inside a supermassive black hole is its mass and state of rotation.

I believe that life was just a coincidence that happened when just the right amount of all factors came along, which can or can not happen in every universe. It is not mandatory for each universe to have a life in it!

How it's done:

When a supermassive black hole is forming, it creates a ballon-like shape in itself which will contain gas and dark matter. As this universe starts to cool down the gas turn into a plasma which will turn into forming galaxies, stars, planets, and nebulas. At the same time though the dark energy is getting created when the scalar particles are coupled with the matter.

This dark energy keeps on increasing as supermassive black hole keeps on consuming outside matter. So as that supermassive black hole grows the universe within that black hole grows, it is directly proportional.


If we consider the main universe in which we currently are living, is in fact within a supermassive black hole, which is formed within our super-universe.

If a supermassive black hole forms in our main universe and it will create a sub-universe and our universe will act as a super universe for it.

This seems like an endless loop. I can not sat how many super-universe will take for our universe to form and what is beyond that.

If I want to travel down to the sub-universe or travel up to the super universe the universe I must find a way to travel faster than the light in the specific form which will allow me to travel with that speed so I can survive the strong gravitational force around the supermassive black hole and go through it.

So far we do not have the means to either transform into such a form and more than that we haven't yet figured out a way how to travel faster than the speed of the light.

But if suppose, we do, and we can now jump up and down the universe created withing supermassive black hole using a form that supports us to travel faster than the speed of the light, we still won't be able to go back or forth in time!

Warm holes

We certainly can use the warm holes for the travel but that seems far fetched idea because we then will have to know exact two-point from a universe to another universe and to know exactly two-point we must have been traveled between them and who knows how much time that will take- even if we can travel faster than the speed of light.

For example: If we want to travel up from our main universe to a universe 3 levels up we must first have to travel to gain enough data about that super universe then come back and create a warm hole to join the two points.

Please let me know what do you guys think about this.

I will be continuously improving upon it as I go but if you have certain ideas please do contact me.




Technical Writer, Software Developer, Blogger, and Career Development Coach…

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Chanchala Gorale

Chanchala Gorale

Technical Writer, Software Developer, Blogger, and Career Development Coach…

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