How to approach clients as a freelancer?

Today businesses prefer to hire freelancers because it saves a lot of money and doesn’t have to provide additional facilities compared to employees. In addition, the organizations don’t have to train the persons for a job and still can get the best work done in a short time.

But when you are starting to step in business as a freelancer, you need to attract clients.

You need to wear many hats and work at the same time. In this case, having a strategy to attract clients towards your work and creativity becomes crucial.

I am presenting you the secrets to attract your clients, these are the most common but very vital strategies to grow your business you must adapt!!!

1. Ask how you can add value to them

If you are thinking you know all about your client and their expectations, you are wrong.

Offering something you think will help your client is like shooting arrows in the dark. Making assumptions instead of direct clarification will just lower the value of you and your work.

Instead, prepare a list of questions to know what exactly your client is expecting. Take these questions and talk to them face to face on either video call or in person.

Face to face communication makes you understand what exactly the client is looking for and what are their expressions when you are talking about something. So that even if they are saying yes — you can understand that in fact, they don’t want it.

At the end of the conversation, tell them what you understood and ask them if that is what they are looking for, it will give you clarity and build a long-lasting relationship.

With respect to clients' expectations, you must let them know what really works today — what will add value to their product. If they agree with you it’s well and good but if not, try to squeeze your ideas and clients' ideas in your work, which will improve your work and add tremendous value to the client.

Try to not just understand the product but also clients' emotions behind the work you are going to do and deliver the requirements with the logic and feelings.

Put your soul in your work that is how you will become creative and innovative in your work.

2. Add value through the social media content

Introduce yourself and be available on social media. Today using social media platforms, you can connect and spread the value of your work & you, with an only investment of time.

Use social media platforms for networking. With networking, you are creating value for yourself and creating a way for your clients to find you easily when required.

Finding you and your work sample will help your clients connect with you better.

Sometimes, when you don’t fit their requirements, there is a chance that they might refer your profile to other clients with similar requirements.

So whenever someone tells you, your work doesn’t fit their requirements still show gratitude for connecting with you and ask them if they know someone who might be looking for your work.

For this, you must stay active on social media, post your latest work, and show your skills.

3. Focus on giving instead of taking

As a freelancer, you have a business to run and earn for living. When you start expecting the client to pay you and in return if you are not offering value, in this case, you are not only wasting your client's money and time but also you are creating a black hole for your business itself.

When you offer much more value than your client is paying to you, the client tends to return to you for more work and also spread your value through the word of mouth.

These clients will stay very loyal to you even if you charge more than the market value. Because in the end, the client knows you will deliver the value more than their expectations with creativity and innovation.

Sometimes you might think, you will not able to fulfill the client’s requirement in the given amount of time, then be very honest and clear about it.

Let them know what is required and once promised, make sure to deliver that promise.

Breaking your promise is the most common reason why business goes down, do not let that happen to you and your business.

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Technical Writer, Software Developer, Blogger, and Career Development Coach…

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Chanchala Gorale

Chanchala Gorale

Technical Writer, Software Developer, Blogger, and Career Development Coach…

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