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Everyone things of living a life of there dream. Only one present of the people achieves it from all aspects. why do you think this happens?

When we were born we use to do what we like. As we were growing everyone around told you that you have to do some particular thing to be happy in your life and slowly we forgot what we loved to do, what was our passion…does that sound familiar?

Today we live a robotic life were we do what others tell us to, after all-day listening to others we forget to talk to yourself and go to sleep, and the cycle continues.

Now you must be thinking, “Yes we do, but what can we do about it?”

Here is what you can do about it:

  • Working makes you more energized when you work with passion to make money, so find your passion.
  • Once you have found your passion, get super skilled in it. First, find a mentor and follow them and their teachings. You can use my post on the Mentor to find the best one.
  • Once you are skilled you have all the resources to convert your passion into the career(career can be a job if you like it, or business build on passion). If you are thinking that you need bundles of money to start a business, get this- if you cant start your business with what you have you never will able to do business even if you have crores.
  • Now that you are in peace with your career, try to be in peace with your family, give them time, buy them something they like, show them that they are valuable to you, spend time with them. This is the stage where your mind will become at peace.
  • Now you will realize that you are happy and successful, now here comes the most important step — keep going!!!
  • This is the step where you have to make extreme decisions. In this stage, everyone will tell you to take rest(rest means wasting time watching movies and hanging out with someone who can give you knowledge).
  • You listen carefully, this is the stage where either you create a legacy or go back what you were.
  • “So think and don’t let others drive you, keep creating your legacy.”

“Find your passion and happiness will follow you,
when happiness follows you success follows you.”




Technical Writer, Software Developer, Blogger, and Career Development Coach…

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Chanchala Gorale

Chanchala Gorale

Technical Writer, Software Developer, Blogger, and Career Development Coach…

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