What people think about Me

Recently I came across one of my worst habits to think “what people think about me?”.

Sometimes it is good to think about this question. For example, you are going for an interview, its good to think about your first impression on them and dress in formal and avoid the highlighted lipsticks. In men’s case, you should go in neat formals, in light color dressing.

But as it is said, “Everything is harmful when it goes above the limit”.

this is what happened when I started questioning “what people think about me?”, every second while doing everything. It became too much that I started taking unnecessary stress for everything.

Every movement of my life I was judging myself on the basis of this question when they didn’t even think of me. It was all bullshit.

While walking, standing, dressing, every time checking my hair and dress, my looks, my working style, even eating and drinking, I started to think about what others will think.

In this thinking not only I was forgetting myself but I forgot to enjoy and pulled down with a bulk of stress, just like Hercules with earth on his shoulders.

I realized when my friend noted that I was not wearing my most favorite top just because others probably won't like it.

Have you noticed “probably”, Oh My God, that means I was just assuming all thing in my head which were not even real, and even if it is real, who cares? I know what I am, why do I need others approval for everything I do?

So I have decided, now even if someone comments on me I will stick to my true self…And this is a done deal.




Technical Writer, Software Developer, Blogger, and Career Development Coach…

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Chanchala Gorale

Chanchala Gorale

Technical Writer, Software Developer, Blogger, and Career Development Coach…

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